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Miku’s Tale – Winds of Change Part Three

Winds of Change will be coming to an end tomorrow, as ArenaNet has just announced they’ll be updating the game with the last big update to the Cantha side story of Guild Wars: Beyond. So far we’ve been a witness of the rise of the Ministery of Purity and every consequence that came alongside with it. Today, John Stumme, Content-Designer for the Guild Wars live team, gave us a little story from the perspective of Miku and how she experienced the whole story, and is quite an interesting read as it gives you some additional insight into what Miku lived through throughout her adventure so far.

Let me tell you a little something about adventures: they’re seldom what you think they will be. They all start the same: with a reason. It may be a reason born from choice, or one that is thrust upon you by circumstance. A reason provides a goal, and achieving that goal provides a story. We are all, at heart, the storytellers of our own lives—and we love nothing more than to imagine the paths that we will take.


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