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More Details on Dragon Bash and Changes to PvP Leaderboards

ArenaNet shares more details on the upcoming Dragon Bash festival and explains the reasoning behind the changes from the old Dragon Festival, a festival that was celebrated 250 years ago when Cantha was still accessible.

The Tyrian opinion of dragons has evolved over the centuries.  Those who played the original Guild Wars will recall that Glint, the dragon of the Crystal Desert, was ultimately benevolent.  Kuunavang, the Canthan dragon, wasn’t such a bad guy either; once cleansed of his affliction, Kuunavang aided heroes in their fight against Shiro. Canthans actually honored these creatures for centuries with their annual Dragon Festival.

The events of The Eye of the North changed everything by revealing the true nature of dragons. The Great Destroyer, a general of the Elder Dragon Primordus, wreaked terrible havoc in the depths of Tyria.  Since then, the Elder Dragons have awakened to threaten all of Tyria. Once revered, dragons are now generally viewed as destruction and death incarnate.  The Captain’s Council has realized that the old Dragon Festival is no longer appropriate, so Dragon Bash about unifying Tyria to destroy the Elder Dragons.

In other news, John Corpening lets us know that there have been a few changes to the PvP rating system. The biggest change has been an introduction of a small percentage that’s linked to the time that you’re active in PvP in order to make the leaderboards more fair for those that invest more time in PvP.

The leaderboard standings of inactive players will slowly decline over time, giving active players a chance at higher standings. When an inactive player decides that it is time to get back in the arena, their rating will be restored once they play a match, and their leaderboard rank will be adjusted to where they stand at the time of their return.

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