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More information on the WvW updates

We’re getting lots of information from ArenaNet this week before BWE2 begins. This is a blog post from Mike Ferguson on the changes in WvW since the first beta event and the stress test:

Hello, everyone, I’m back with another blog post about world vs. world. We’ve been incredibly busy over the last couple weeks, incorporating your feedback from the recent Beta Weekend Event, and we already have some very cool updates to show for it. So, I just wanted to take a few minutes and give everyone a sneak preview of some improvements that you can look forward to when you hop into world vs. world during our next Beta Weekend Event.

And if that isn’t enough, I’ve also got the final world standings from the last Beta Weekend! Was your world one of the four that went undefeated over the course of the weekend? How did your world stack up against the others?

Among the changes: fixes to chat (you may remember me complaining about problems with chat during BWE1), changes to the WvW Commander’s communication options, and rebalanced siege weapon capabilities. There’s also the rankings from BWE1 for the WvW matchups. Each world participated in three matches, with a maximum of two point for a win, one point for coming in second, and zero points for the lowest scoring world.

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