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NCSoft Q1 Earnings – Internal Targets Reached

As we slowly move towards the Guild Wars 2 eventual release, we thought that the NCSoft Quarter Earnings Call might include some information regarding the position Guild Wars 2 currently is in, so we figured we listen and tell you what it said.

Below you can find the transcriptions of all the important Guild Wars 2 mentions, and as you can see, the only interesting information to be gathered is that their internal target has been met and that they deem the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event a success. Also to be noted is that the game is still headed for a second half of 2012 release as has been reiterated multiple times before.

(Keep in mind that this is a transcription of the translation included within the Quarter Earnings and therefore might not hold the direct translation of what was being said.)

  • As for guild wars 2, the pre-sale is being implemented quite successfully since april 10. During the first Beta Weekend Event held between April 27th and 29th hundreds of thousands of pre-purchasers took part in the test, experiencing the innovative game features on Guild Wars 2 firsthand. As with Blade & Soul, the feedback on Guild Wars 2 are extremely positive. As the result, we believe the initial commercialisation of the second half remain unchanged.
  • Regarding the more specific timeline, we will have future opportunities to inform you of the details through the official channels and at the appropriate time.
  • We have set previous targets [for Guild Wars 2 sales] internally and we have actually achieved such internal targets, but whether you ask us if that’s a satisfactory level, that would be difficult for us to answer. But in any regards, we have actually reached the internal target.
  • Unfortunately we are not able to share with you the specific numbers at this particular juncture, but as we mentioned earlier, we have already made our internal target. And regarding our future revenue target for Guild Wars 2 for the next one year period as to how many copies we would sell, it would be difficult for me to tell you a number now, but perhaps upon commercialisation period we could perhaps share with you more clarity on this.
  • Regarding Guild Wars 2 sales or launching period, again, we have not come to a final decision on this matter either and we are currently going through the testing at the moment, so things would be linked to the testing results, but I don’t think that the timing of the timeline would be too much delayed going forward.

Source: NCSoft

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