A New Threat

To the people of Tyria,

I have travelled my whole life. From the rolling green fields of my homeland, Kryta, to the sun-scorched, desolate landscape of Ascalon. I have been to the Crystal Desert and experienced true isolation. I have gazed upon the ruins of Arah and felt the bitter sadness that dwells within the very stones of that accursed place. All this and more, I have borne witness to.

Mr Knox

However, there remains one part of Tyria that I have yet to set foot upon. An experienced and well informed explorer such as myself knows all too well the dangers associated with the Maguuma Wastelands. It is said that those who venture beyond the safety of Rata Sum or Skrittsburg and into its depths never return. The Maguuma Wastelands and Jungle have evaded my wandering path for far too long, and now, the opportunity has finally arisen for me to conquer it.

As all Tyrians are well aware, our world teeters on the brink of destruction at the claws of the insatiable and malevolent Elder Dragons. They threaten every creature that calls Tyria home, sweeping lives aside as easily as I might dip my quill into the inkpot here on my desk. Though it is true that the Elder Dragon of death, Zhaitan, was recently destroyed by the Pact, it is my bitter duty to inform the Tyrian public of the existence of a sixth Elder Dragon. Though it pains me to even contemplate such a thing, my contacts at the Durmand Priory have confirmed the existence of this new threat that stirs beneath the impenetrable canopy of the Maguuma Jungle. They call it Mordremoth, and it holds magical sway over all forms of plant-life. However, I urge you not to despair, for the Pact now seeks to move on the dragon before it fully awakens, their intent being to rob the dragon of its life before it can begin its reign of terror.

This is the opportunity of which I speak. It is my dubious pleasure to announce that I, Ellis Knox, humble traveler and journalist, shall be accompanying the Pact army on their excursion into the Maguuma Jungle to witness the battle firsthand. I will be sending weekly dispatches, of which this is to be the first, back to the Tyrian Explorers Society that will then be distributed en masse to the citizens of Tyria, so that all may bear witness to the struggle of Tyria’s inhabitants against the malignant blight of the Elder Dragons. The free races of Tyria will not be brushed aside like insects. The Pact will prove to be the most formidable foes the accursed dragons have ever had the displeasure of facing, and I will ensure that the entirety of Tyria is there to witness it!

With all due respect,

Ellis Knox

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