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A look at GuildMag’s current future!

Welcome all and one, welcome to our new site! We’re pleased to finally be able to show you what we’ve been planning since GamesCom. There’s lots of stuff to go through, like all the new and old outlets, some are still the same, some will see a difference now or in the future. For example, we’ll be adding a new outlet called ‘GuildMag Visions’ which will consist of opinionated blogs here on this site written by our team, new and old. But before we go into greater detail, let’s give the word off to Jonny10 to show what he has done for the new site design.

For our new website we wanted to provide a layout which made it easy to distinguish our different outlets. Since every one of them has their own logo with their own colour, we decided to use this to our advantage and use these colours to label the corresponding posts. This will make it easy for visitors to pick out what interests them the most. Clicking one of the logos will take you to the archive of that outlet, we’ve provided separate RSS feeds per outlet for those who wish to subscribe.

The design is inspired from the Guild Wars 2 art-style: painterly borders and brush strokes. The colour template is still much the same, dark red and silvery gray, as derived from our logo (which also had a little facelift might I add). Mobile users will view the website in a simplistic mobile theme for easier readability and navigation. But, if want you can always turn it off through a switch found in the footer.

The website still runs on the delicious WordPress system. We choose to go with this when GuildMag started because it allows multiple users to write posts without needed web-knowledge or far down system access. So far, I am very happy with how this turned out for us.

Oh, and for those who’ve never seen our previous website layout, here they are. For good ol’ nostalgia :D

The very first design, dubbed 'TyriaMag1'

The second, more advanced layout

Roses are red violets are blue, and there ain’t nothing we ca– OMG! Did you see that assassin cut the red tape? No? you were to slow…


Our GuildMag(azine) is where it all started, it’s our pride and sole reason for existance. Ok, enough of my exageration. Our magazine consists out of lore articles written by our lore-experts but it also contains more casual articles like player interviews, promotions for community events, developer interviews, and plenty more!  the magazine will stay roughly the same for now, but we’re talking about possible other ways to go for the future. A pdf is flexible to program, but we’re aware that some of you have problems with it and rest assured, we’re looking into it!


Ofcourse our new site will also feature our second product: the GuildMag Podcast! Sabre, Malchior and Izari are as determined as ever to bring youone of the best Guild Wars podcasts that you can get. The live chat will also continue to exist, which enables you to chat with the three hosts and others during the recording of the show! It’s definitely worth tuning in sometime! We might even squeeze a developer interview in there every now and then!


The last old outlet that we used to have long before this redesign is the GuildMag Blitz. Within Blitz we usually gave you a mix of official news and also tried to give you some community insight. Blitz will be seeing some changes on that point as, starting this week, Blitz will merely report about the latest news without any opinion or speculation. This guarantees us to bring you more timed messages whenever there’s any Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 news that needs to go out as soon as possible.


GuildMag Visions will be our newest addition to the mix, we’ve long been planning to have a more opionated blog here on GuildMag and now it’s finally here! Our team will try to bring you their opionated thoughts behind recent developments or just some random thoughts that they wish to share with you. Of course, this all will still be focused on the Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 universe. Within visions, you’ll see topics ranging from profession reviews, to lore-related thoughts but also more focus on what the awesome Guild Wars (2) community is currently doing!


We all loves stuff we can use, right? GuildMag Features came into existance when we were talking about how we can use our designers during the period where they wouldn’t have much to do. It resulted in a service in which we’ll post various downloads every now and then. These downloads could be wallpapers, avatars, bookmarkers and a whole lot more! If you want to share your wallpapers with a broader audience, just contact us via the usual ‘submit your work’ menu in the top.


We’ve already had a few videos in the past which were part of GuildMag Blitz. Since Blitz is now becoming a more official way for text-based news (aside of trailers, of course) we’ve decided to rebrand our videos to GuildMag Videos, talk about creativity! We’re currently in the talks with some people who might be interested in making videos for us, but if you think that you also apply for this task, be sure to drop me, Dutch Sunshine, a pm on our forums!

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