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Next Week is Sylvari Week | ArenaNet Blog

David Campbell gives us a preview of the long-awaited Sylvari Week starting Monday:

  • Monday – Artist extraordinaire Kristen Perry explains how the look of the sylvari has grown and evolved in a blog post full of cool art and character designs.
  • Tuesday – Writer Angel McCoy describes how the writing team brings the sylvari to life through dialogue in a blog post that features a load of audio clips from Guild Wars 2.
  • Wednesday – Lore & Continuity Designer Ree Soesbee and Kristen Perry discuss the roots and growth of this unique race in a video overview of the sylvari right here on the blog.
  • Thursday – We’re updating the sylvari page on with new lore, screenshots, wallpapers, and an atmospheric new sylvari video!
  • Friday – Ree Soesbee returns with a lore-filled narrative blog post that explores the mysterious sylvari even further.

Those are some exciting names to see. We’ll hear from Kristen Perry twice, so there should be some generous attention paid to the sylvari’s character art. We’ve only heard from Angel McCoy briefly on the ArenaNet blog, so I’m looking forward to reading Tuesday’s post on something we know very little about. And Ree Soesbee doesn’t disappoint.

Next week is going to be a good one! I’m off to water all my neglected houseplants in honor of the sylvari.


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