Night of the Necros

Necromancers, reapers and scourges alike gathered on the last day of October to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society with a ‘Pink Day in LA’ affiliated event. The Night of the Necros was created by Sins of Anubis and together with his guild, the Tyrian Bullet Club, and a team of volunteers, they created a night of fun games and impressive prizes. While their main mission was to raise money, they also had another goal in mind: To create the largest congregation of necromancers in Guild Wars 2 history.

The festivities began in the Deverol Gardens where we were treated to a round of Grenth Says. While the human necros threw themselves into the activity with religious fervor, the other races grudgingly followed Grenth’s commands with the promise of a worthy reward. As regular Mad King Says players know, there are always multiple winners with a perfect score so to whom would Grenth bestow his one prize? The answer was in his last command to run to the Fractals of the Mists portal and back! A few cheeky necros disregarded the run part of the command and mounted up, but Grenth took note of these names. I wouldn’t want to be them when their day of judgement comes.

What followed next was the first of multiple rounds of hide and seek where we had to find a hidden necromancer and a lost necromancer kitten (are kittens that can perform deathly rituals cute or frightening?). Suffice to say, they were hidden well. Even with clues given out on map chat, I was truly impressed whenever someone managed to track them down.

There were also more races on foot as well as on mounts. While player-made races are usually mapped out solely using squad markers, these races featured our own ‘mechanical hare’ to chase after. Sadly, we hit a speedbump with this format when our hare had connectivity issues resulting in a zerg of confused racers running off-track. I still enjoyed the footrace that involved the water areas, where our hare shouted at us to “Swim! Swim faster!” while speeding off into the distance on their skimmer.

Those who know me probably won’t be surprised to hear that my favourite activities of the night were the fashion contests. The first contest was with an open theme, but as befitting the night, necros came on to show their dark looks. There were so many scythes and so many beautiful masters of death to wield them. The second contest was pink-themed in honour of Pink Day in LA. The terrifying group of necromancers were transformed into the adorable care bears they were on the inside.

Running simultaneously to all these events were two full necro labyrinth runs. Unfortunately, I had to give these a miss in favour for the more unique events, but the candy corn slaying necromancers were reported to be victorious!

The night ended with an epic finale in Orr where the necromancers reclaimed the Temple of Grenth from Zhaitan’s influence. Once that was done, Sins of Anubis announced their total funds raised for the event as $165 and one lucky participant, who had donated a minimum of $10, was sent the legendary greatsword Twilight! At the height of the event, a total of 125 necromancers were gathered in a single map, setting a new record.

This was the first time Sins of Anubis and The Tyrian Bullet Club have hosted an event like this and I can only hope that they return next year to make the Night of the Necros an annual festival.

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