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Norn Week – Next Week!

Ravious from has received an email stating that next week we’ll be seeing a Norn-ish variant of the recent Human Week! To find out more and how Ravious thinks you should prepare for next week, head over to kill ten rats!

I’ve been officially told, norn week starts next week (with norn-sized versions of the tasty snacks human week brought us), and that gives us all plenty of time to get prepared this weekend. These shape shifting half-giants want to live life to the fullest. Their goal in life is to live eternally in legend. A skaald telling tales of a norn’s life is one of the highest pinnacles of achievement for anybody. At least that’s what the norn think. Their tale is an interesting one. Are they fallen kodan or half-human? Are their totem spirits splinters of the same gods the human’s worship? Does it matter? They are norn. And that’s that.


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