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Official asuran page updated

That’s right folks, the official Guild Wars 2 page on the asura has received an update, bringing fresh lore and images galore. If you go crazy when you hear the phrase ‘flux capacitor’, boy are you in for a treat! Learn all about Tyria’s most arrogant race by clicking here – and here’s a quick preview for those than can’t wait!

The diminutive asura are the smartest people in Tyria. Just ask them; they will tell you. Once, they were the undisputed masters of a powerful underground civilization, but were driven to the surface by the Great Destroyer, the herald of the Elder Dragon Primordus.

Since their arrival on the surface, however, this long-eared race has prospered. Initially squatting among the ruins along the Tarnished Coast, their mastery of arcane forces have allowed them to regroup, rebuild, and tame this new, savage world. Now their mystic technology is found across the continent, and other races view the asura with a respect they feel they deserve. Yet even as they succeed, their accomplishments are threatened by internal conflicts, personal pride, and individual greed.


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