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One Player’s Journey Across Tyria and America

Ameranth, she was on our radar since July 18th last year, and since has joined our team. Now she’s part of Guild Wars 2 as a sylvari NPC, together with her dog Anna. Why? Because she decided to follow her dreams and travel across America. Her real name is Kelly Wells and runs her own adventure blogpage at Adventure Awaits: The Story of a Woman and Her Dog.

After initially being piqued by the vibrant Ascalon, wondering how it was to live in a world where she could just run around, helping people and going on a big adventure, and watching the video: Gaming Can Make a Better World, she decided to no longer doubt about her dreams and just travel the world.

For now, read the blogpost up on the ArenaNet site, come back later this week for Ameranth’s own blog here on GuildMag in which she’ll talk about her adventure and check her out in the Black Citadel during the next Beta Weekend Event!

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