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Guild Wars 2 Open House RoundUp #2

Today we’ll continue where we left off yesterday in our first RoundUp. In this RoundUp we’ve got articles from sites like G4TV, Wartower, GamePro and others!

All articles that we’ve missed out today will either be included in our weekly Community RoundUp on Mondays or otherwise will be included in an extra RoundUp somewhere later next thursday so be sure to check back on either of these days to see if you’ve missed out on anything important!


I probably should have included this yesterday, but with all the hectic moments going on within the Guild Wars 2 community now, I totally forgot to do so.

Dynamic Events

First of, ArenaNet has released an official site entry on Dungeons in which Jeff Grubb explains what dungeons are, what the difference is between the story and explorable mode and more!

Then, ArenaNet also gave us a blogpost on their own blog, in which Jonathan Sharp talks about underwater combat, telling us why underwater combat in Guild Wars 2, isn’t what you’re used of underwater combat in other MMO’s. A significant difference is that you can just breathe underwater and next to this, your skills also change upon entering the water. There’s a lot more in this blogpost so be sure to check it out!

Last but not least, ArenaNet has also published a few hundred images from the Guild Wars 2 Open House which are also worth a mention. Excited fans a plenty, this, along the reports on different sites, is probably the best thing to feel what the ambiance was during the Open House days.


Discovering new stuff is great, but we shouldn’t forget that there’s also some older topics on which we do not know that much and might want to know more. G4TV took care of bringing us a comprehensive list of the Engineer skills, kits or satchel which they discovered while playing the latest Guild Wars 2 Demo! Next to this list, we also find a great hands-on experience of the Engineer in this article. So, if you’re still not sure whether the Engineer is your type of profession, be sure to check this out!


Can you think of nine things that you will see in Guild Wars 2, but probably will not see in any other MMO? GamePro sure thinks they do! Aside of the extensive story-telling and dynamic events which you’re starting to see in other MMO’s as well, these guys have made a list that includes nine things that you will not find anywhere else!


Aside from the author bringing up some older posts he made, which are all forgiven, if you ask me, this article focuses on his hands on time of the game in general. His article talks about a couple of things, most of all, he seems rather interested in  seeing how the Dynamic Events have turned out, the fact that Guild Wars 2 feels like an actual world and is also quite interested in the ‘first fresh stab’ on the class dynamics. All in all, this article seems to be quite interesting especially for those of you who were fanatic Guild Wars players before, but were turned off at some point.


I know, this site is mostly written in german, but that does not mean that they do not have excellent interviews that are definitely worth checking out? In this interview Kronos from Onlinewelten and DeBussy from Wartower bring you an interview with Colin Johanson, Matthew Moore and Kim Kirsch.

Guild Wars 2 Guru

Of course we can’t just leave out the major english fansite Guild Wars 2 Guru, these guys have also talked with the folks over at ArenaNet and have brought home quite a few answers to some of your burning questions. These questions contain things like the transition from night-to-day, cross-profession combinations and others! Definitely worth checking out!

Yesterday they gave us a comprehensive write-up from their demo experiences. Today, we’re treated to a tour through the new ArenaNet studios which include a few amazing shots from their new offices. Bringing art to life in a whole different meaning!

End of the line

Perhaps this sentence is familiar to you in some way, or it just isn’t, but we’re used to use this as our closure for our bi-monthly magazine on which this site has worked on since day 1. Aside of our round ups, we also offer other content like our magazine, but we’re also currently hard at work on getting our podcast back on track and we’re working on bringing you a new series of blog entries brought to you by our newly formed Site-content team, which hopefully will appeal to you as much as our other content does.

Like I said during the introduction, if we’ve missed something in this RoundUp or the previous one, we’ll be certain to include it in our monday’s Community RoundUp or otherwise in an extra Open House RoundUp on thursday.

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