Origins of the Norn

In the largest mountain range upon Tyria’s surface dwells an individualistic race of fighters known as the norn. Called half-giants and standing at 9 feet tall with a very human appearance, and capable of transforming into half-animal forms, the origins of these norn have been of some debate for some time. Why do they appear similar to other races? Are there shared roots between the norn and other races, and if so which races do they share a common ancestor with and which do they not? There are quite a few theories, but three among them stand out above the rest. Each theory has deep background for complete understanding and as I cannot include all of such here, I shall list citations for those wishing to further read upon these ideas and reasons.

The Kodan

The first theory is one proposed by the kodan – specifically their Voices – and is generally disagreed with by contemporary scholars, and some even go so far as to claim it propaganda to suit the kodan’s own purposes. This theory is based upon the likeness between the kodan and the norn’s commonly known Bear Form, claiming that the norn devolved from the kodan taking up a lesser form as their normal appearance – most likely based on the idea of falling out of favor of Koda.

The story goes that during an ancient event in kodan history that is only referred to as “the great storm,

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