The Pact: A Formidable Force

To the people of Tyria,

Greetings! I regret to inform my readers the world over that my writing has been delayed once again, unfortunately. I have been busy assisting the Pact leadership and various members of the Durmand Priory as a scholar and scribe, and have had little time for writing to the tune of my own whims. However, a recent experience has left me with the itch to reconnect with my audience, so here I am once more, quill in hand.

By now, the news that the Maguuma Wastes is littered with strange ruins and architecture of unknown origin is common knowledge throughout Tyria. I myself have studied each of the four Silverwastes fortresses in great detail and have some interesting theories on their origins, but I have yet to make any conclusive discoveries. After returning to Camp Resolve last night with only vague theories and ideas regarding these ruins, I decided I would set out in the morning in search of more ruins. A large outer perimeter has been secured by the Pact around Camp Resolve, and I have been cleared to explore as I please within its borders. The area is by no means clear of Mordrem, but they are much fewer and far between than they were before, and there are Pact soldiers stationed throughout the area. Feeling safe and secure, I set out across the wasteland in search of my quarry.

For several hours, I found nothing that I had not already come across or been told about. My supply of water was running dangerously low, and the sun was beginning to set. I was just about to return to camp when I noticed an odd, angular rock jutting out awkwardly from around a corner. It was shaped in such a way that I could tell in an instant it did not belong. What I found made my entire afternoon of fruitless searching worthwhile! My rogue chunk of rock turned out to be the beak of one of two heads carved out of the cliff face! The heads appeared to be that of some sort of bird, perhaps even a griffon. The aesthetic style of the carvings was similar to the architecture featured in the large forts throughout the Silverwastes, though it was too early to draw such a definitive conclusion. However, before I could conduct any real analysis, the real cause for my putting pen to paper occurred.

I had just reached up to touch one of the carvings when I heard a thunderous roar from directly behind me! To my horror, I had been snuck up on by a vicious pack of Mordrem wolves! They menaced me for several seconds, emitting evil, twisted noises born of nightmares and black magic. I was sure I had finally met my end. I closed my eyes, waiting to be torn limb from limb by these wretched creatures. However, my eyes snapped open when I felt a projectile whizz past my cheek. Looking around in confusion, I saw a sylvari soldier wearing an Order of Whispers uniform barrelling toward me, loosing shafts from a bow at a speed I would have previously claimed impossible. I ducked instinctively as the Whispers agent shot past me in a shadowy blur. As I looked on in astonishment, she pulled an elegant sword from a thing scabbard at her hip, and its blade zipped and zinged through the air as she made short work of the mordrem, shredding them as easily as if they had been made of parchment. I stared for several seconds at the clumps of shredded plant pulp and leaves, but when I looked around to thank my rescuer, there was no trace of her.

I write this missive to thank my unknown rescuer for my life. I was always aware that the Pact was a formidable force, and I have even seen its warriors in action from a safe distance, but this visceral, personal, near death experience truly opened my eyes to the might of each soldier and what an individual is capable of. With an army of soldiers of such high caliber, I have little doubt that victory against the Elder Dragons looms close on the horizon.

With all due respect,

Ellis Knox

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