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Prepare for PAX East and… the Thief!

We have already seen the Thief proffession in action over here, here and… here, but Martin Kerstein just posted up an impressive teaser for the Thief profession, which will see its reveal next week! In this video it gives you a few quick shots of probably the skill video’s that you’ll be seeing in the official blogpost next week. He also informs us that next week, we’ll be seeing more of what the PAX Demo is about (new attributes, the thief, the norn starting area, and probably more!)

Hey everyone! PAX East is approaching (March 11-13 in Boston, MA!) and everyone here at the studio is gearing up for an exciting show and a brand new Guild Wars 2 demo.

We’re going to devote all week next week to talking about the cool new features in our PAX East demo. We’ve already told you that the guardian profession and norn race will be playable, but next week we’re going to get into detail about three other major features in the new demo – crafting, our revamped attribute system, and our new profession, the thief!

We’re really excited to talk in greater detail next week about the thief and share some truly impressive new skill videos, and we can’t wait for fans to play the thief at PAX East next weekend. For now, we’ve created a teaser video to give you a fleeting glimpse of the stealthy, elusive thief!

Have a good weekend everyone! Next week is going to be craaazy!



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