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PAX East Week Begins!

This week will be in the sign of the upcoming PAX East even in Boston. ArenaNet has made sure to let us know a few things before, but this week will give us even greater insight into things to come. Attributes, Crafting & Gathering, the new Thief profession and more are all part of this week’s updates! Of course we’ll have it all covered here on GuildMag and we’ll be sending our own team consisting of Malchior Devenholm and Izari to make sure that you’ll be getting everything you would want to know out of the demo and more! Just stay tuned for an exciting new week!

In Monday’s blogpost ArenaNet divulged their program for this week and detailed some very interesting details as to what you’ll be able to experience during the PAX East demo! From the fields just outside Lion’s Arch to the colder Hoelbrak, you’ll be able to see it all at PAX East or here on our site! Below you can find the stuff and order of what ArenaNet will be talking about, but for more, head over to their official blogpost!

Here’s what we’ve got planned this week:

  • Tuesday: Lead Systems Designer and all-around-great guy Isaiah Cartwright Esquire the Third will talk about the revamped attributes system in an in-depth blog post.
  • Wednesday: Game Designer Andrew McLeod will give you some insight into Guild Wars 2’s crafting and gathering systems.
  • Friday: The thief page goes live on, complete with skill videos and all the usual bells and whistles you expect from a profession reveal.
  • Friday: We’ll send you an update from the floor of PAX East!


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