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PCGamer on the Asura Starter Area

Last week we reported that GameInformer had the opportunity to try out the Sylvari starter area and published an article of that inside their latest magazine. Today we found out PCGamer got to try that other-not-yet-revealed asura starter area! In this article he discusses 11 things he discovered/experienced while playing around with the magnificent asura. Below you can find one snippets out of the article but I strongly urge you to go over to PCGamer and read the rest if you’re interested in the asura starter experience!

2. Lose to Gavin in golem chess

Okay, I’m not proud of this one. It would’ve been better if I’d won, of course, but the turn-based dueling minigame is still good fun when you’re on the losing side. It plays like a Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots game, where you control a mini golem on a 3×3 grid that occasionally spawns random power-ups. Each turn, you can either move or punch in front of you, and the first golem to drop is the loser. After Gavin left, I attempted to regain my dignity by beating up on the AI, which takes over the enemy golem if no players are up for the challenge.


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