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PCGamer | Ree Soesbee on MMO storytelling

The folks at PCGamer have begun their ‘Guild Wars 2 week’ and are treating us to a week full of interviews, previews and much, much more! To kick things off they present us an interview with Ree Soesbee on how ArenaNet approached the MMO Storytelling and how it can help them create new content for the future.

You have the tragic line and the comedic line. Do you need both?

Yeah, absolutely. It’s easy to set down a book. I read a book recently and it had scenes in it that were just horribly tragic. I would set it down and go do the dishes and think about that scene. It’s harder to do that in an MMO. You don’t want to stop in the middle of a fight. You want to finish the quest, and then you’ll go and do the dishes or something and think about it, but by that point you’ve finished the chunk. I think it’s important to have a certain balance where you’re not overwhelmed with any one feeling.

I guess you can’t expect a player to play a massively tragic MMO for two hundred hours.

Unless that’s the point! You could put it on the back of the box: “THE MOST DEPRESSING MMO EVER!

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