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PCGamer tours the Gendarran Fields

Earlier today, PC Gamer got the opportunity to play through the current Gendarran Fields, the area just above Lion’s Arch which has been shown previously at PAX East and during the first Guild Wars 2 Fanday. In this  two hour long preview video he plays as a level 30 necromancer doing all kinds of dynamic events, showing off all kinds of cool changes (like a reviewed traits system) since the Beta Weekend Event and ends up combatting a fierce-looking ‘Champion War Beast’. The video also notes that this map will be playable during the upcoming Beta Weekend Event next week!

EDIT: PC Gamer just released a new article which goes into much more details about Gendarran Fields and is definitely worth checking out as well! It covers centaurs, pirates, zombies, and filthy lying apple vendors!

 Source: PC Gamer

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