Player Housing & New Continent Coming To Guild Wars 2

The article below was part of our 2014 April Fools.

Strictly speaking, this is confidential. I’m not really allowed to publish any details, but, oh well. Just the other week at GDC I was speaking to a few ArenaNet developers who all but confirmed to me that we could be seeing player run and player owned towns being added to Guild Wars 2 in the not so distant future. This may sound stupid, I instantly thought exactly that. But bare with me…

This update is mainly for the people who have put huge amounts of time into Guild Wars 2 and have so much in game gold they don’t know what to do with it. But if you’re not one of those people don’t fret. ArenaNet are really trying to add the RPG into the MMORPG genre. A new continent called Yastra is being added into the game; anyone will be able to pay a visit at any point from a portal in Lions Arch. Once you traverse through this portal you will be dropped into the middle of a large town. From here it’s up to you what you do next. Every building in the town will be up for sale from the start, for varying amounts of gold. There will be vast mansions for the most wealthy to purchase and show off, and for the normal players like you and me, there will be lots of humble town-houses set at a moderate price. And to go with your newly acquired housing there will be new furniture shops added into the game, both in the new town and on the mainland. This furniture, like the housing, will come in varying tiers of value, with the more impressive stuff costing more (obviously). I asked one of the devs if furniture will be craftable when the update releases, to which he didn’t give a straight answer, but I think we can assume it will be, seeing as just about everything in Guild Wars 2 is craftable.


If this all sounds a bit stupid to you, (which to me it did), here comes the really interesting part. The shops in the newly added town are not going to be inhabited by NPCs. If you haven’t put together what I said in your heads yet, this means the shops will be run by players themselves! Guild Wars 2 was sold as the MMORPG which let you level up and progress any way you wanted to, but Arena-net must have completely overlooked the RPG section of the title, until now. I was told that the reason for this addition was mainly because the company had received a large number of complaints from role players within the game that they couldn’t level up and earn from participating in their passion. This is what Arena-net is seeking to right with this upcoming update. The idea is you can set up and run your own store, while earning both gold and experience with every sale, how cool does that sound? And then with the money you are earning with your new in-game job you save and buy yourself up that mansion you’ve always dreamed about owning. There were speculations coming from the booths that depending on what sorts of housing you own and what sorts of rooms are in that house (e.g Library, Studio etc) you will receive passive bonuses to all of your characters, but they are, at the moment, just speculations.

If you’ve always had that itch to be a role player, but never really had the opportunity to do it, now you will have! I know I will be taking part. You heard it here first. Guild Wars 2 housing.

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