Political Turmoil in Kryta

By Thalador Doomspeaker
Bickering Military Orders, Plotting Ministers, Fallen Angels, and Murder in Divinity’s Reach – Now that is what I call a lore blogpost!


Today we had the very last update of the exciting ‘Human Week:’ a blogpost dealing with the three main law-enforcing organizations of Kryta and their relationship. The loreful article was written by Guild Wars 2’s Goddess of Lore, Ree Soesbee. To make the walls of lore goodies more enjoyable, Ree has also sprinkled her work with intriguing excerpts of a criminal investigation happening in Divinity’s Reach. Let’s take a closer look!

The Seraph

The Seraph is the national army of Kryta. Founded by Queen Salma at the end of the Krytan Civil War, the Seraph remained the most numerous military organization ever since. However, these are dark times for the Seraph. They are stretched thin defending the countryside from marauding centaurs and protecting the villages and roads from bandits. Not only that, but they are losing authority (mostly to their ‘partner’, the Ministry Guard), respect, and supplies each day.

The Seraph’s leadership is composed of five to ten captains (the highest rank in the army), and they all get their directives from the Queen and similarly answer to her only. The captains are tasked with overseeing a particular region of Kryta. For example, Logan Thackeray is in charge of Divinity’s Reach and its vicinity. He’s considered to be the number one among the captains, probably because of his deeds he and his former friends accomplished five years ago.

Also, we have the amazingly-named and black-uniformed Fallen Angels, a special group of Seraph in Ascalon’s last human bastion, Ebonhawke. They are enforcing the queen’s will by lending their help to the locals. Actually, they are a great goldsink to the military’s resources but possibly the key to the peace with the charr. Don’t ask me how an elite Seraph team is going to achieve that…

The Ministry Guard

The snobbish (excuse me, although I believe I’m allowed to say that in a subjective blogpost) Ministry Guard is the second greatest military force in the monarchy, despite the fact that its influence mainly covers Divinity’s Reach only. The tasks of its members are to guard the ministers, their aides, and generally keep peace in the House of Ministers. In other words: they have to protect the nobility of Kryta.

The Guard’s head is the Commander of Divinity’s Reach (nice name for a fancy-armored elitist-protector, eh).

The Shining Blade

Finally, the organization that most of those who played Prophecies are familiar with. Back in GW1, they were rebels fighting against the religious regime called the White Mantle. But now, 250 years later, they are the bodyguards of the Royal Family. The well-informed (as Ree said in the post) also know that they also serve their queen as spies and agents, who carry out special (and secret) missions on behalf of the Krytan Throne’s orders. Basically, they are the MI6 of Kryta – except for the bodyguard part. Or maybe not, but it just sounded so nice.

Their boss holds the title of Master Exemplar of the Shining Blade. A rank that is now worn by Countess Anise, who, may I notice, is a beautiful mesmer just like her queen and best companion, Jennah.

‘The Love Triangle’

At the moment, the Seraph is at the bottom of the food chain (mainly because of the aforementioned reasons). The Shining Blade just doesn’t care for what the other two think, because this elite group of bodyguards can just simply do it – that is, shove the “I was tasked by the queen herself

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