Postcards from Tyria – Astorea

My name is Griphos Sleekhorn. I am a proud member of the Iron Legion currently wandering through Tyria in order to find new or long-forgotten weapons that we can use to fight against the rising threat of the Elder Dragons. But there is beauty in this land besides the blood-stained grass, burning trees and smoking flame-throwers, and I want to show my life is more than death and violence. So these are for you mom…

Dear Mom,

Look! I’m with the plant people right now. Funny things they are. In one moment, they’re really naive and don’t have a clue and in the next moment, they know stuff that they shouldn’t know given their age and that even I have never heard of.

They’re experimenting with everything around them. Believe it or not, I got transformed into a mossheart. All in the name of research for the Iron Legion, of course. I’m back to normal now, but that was really weird!

They’ve got weapons made out of plants and flowers. Do you think this would be a good present for grandmother – for her garden? I know she can fight on her own if she needs to, but I still think some extra defense couldn’t hurt. Just to make sure, right?

With the highest respect,

Your son Griphos

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