Postcards from Tyria – Wintersday

My name is Griphos Sleekhorn. I am a proud member of the Iron Legion currently wandering through Tyria in order to find new or long-forgotten weapons that we can use to fight against the rising threat of the Elder Dragons. But there is beauty in this land besides the blood-stained grass, burning trees and smoking flame-throwers, and I want to show my life is more than death and violence. So these are for you mom…

Postcard Lion's Arch WintersdayText Lion's Arch Wintersday

Dear Grandma,

I hope your new flowers have been delivered by now and that you like them. It took me quite some time to choose the right ones, but the sylvari I bought them from assured me that they will look great in any garden.

We had our annual family gathering as always. Mum is doing well as is everybody else.

But you’re right, it’s about time I came to visit you again. If my research project leads me closer to your place, I may be able to stop by for a short visit.


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