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Prepare Yourself for Charr Week

After PAX East I was under the incorrect impression that we would have to wait a whole while before we would get a new [race] week. I was wrong. This week’s theme is charr, you know, those feline beasts that are one of the arch-enemies of the humans. As you probably already know, in Guild Wars 2 the charr are one of the five playable races.

So what’s up for this week? Like with almost every race week so far, we’ll be treated to audio clips, a new video, a run-down on the looks of the charr, a look at the starter area and also a wonderful lore article of Ree Soesbee about the charr culture. In the list below, taken from the official ArenaNet blog, you can find a more detailed description of what’s to come this week!

This week we’re going to take a closer look at the charr and go behind the scenes with ArenaNet devs to learn more about making the charr come to life in-game.  Here’s what we’ve got planned:

  • Monday – On the blog today, designer Devon Carter explores the Village of Smokestead, a key location in the charr starter area and explains the iterative process behind this map’s creation.
  • Tuesday – In this blog post full of audio clips of charr chatter, writer Scott McGough will show how writing and sound design come together to create a compelling, immersive environment for players.
  • Wednesday – We’ll talk to the artists responsible for the visual look of the charr – Katy Hargrove, Kekai Kotaki, and Kristen Perry.
  • Thursday – We’re updating the charr page on with new charr background text by Jeff Grubb and a video tour of the charr homeland.
  • Friday – Lore and Continuity Designer Ree Soesbee illustrates the ferocious, competitive nature of charr society in this loreful charr blog post.

With a thunder of cannons and grinding of mighty gears, Charr Week is here!


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