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Prepare for Guild Wars 2 at PAX Prime! | ArenaNet Blog

Regina Buenaobra has some details about what PAX-goers can expect at the end of this month. This includes the demo, of course—much like the one that will be featured at gamescom, but with more advanced content available. There will also be plenty of panels:

Panels All Weekend

We’re hosting panels in Room 2B all weekend long! With a wide range of topics such as character design, writing and lore, the state of Guild Wars, content design, and community, we’ve got a panel for you! For you aspiring artists out there, we’re hosting a portfolio review by ArenaNet artists on Sunday. It all happens in Room 2B!

The Big Panel

On Saturday, August 27 at 1:00 PM, Guild Wars 2 takes over the Pegasus Theater for our big panel, Guild Wars 2: Designing a Cooperative Experience. ArenaNet devs like Eric Flannum, Colin Johanson, Jeff Grubb, and Jon Peters for an in-depth look at GW2 content design, lore, PvP, and more! If you’ve ever wanted to ask a question about Guild Wars 2, now’s your chance!

And, perhaps the most exciting thing (believe me), ArenaNet staff will be there to talk about their passion and work. Head over to ArenaNet’s blog to get the full details!


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