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Press Closed Beta Starts!

Through various tweets from press representatives we can now confirm that the Guild Wars 2 Press Closed Beta invites have been sent out! Concluding from the tweets we can now state that the first info from the Press Closed Beta will start to be published on February 20th, 6AM Pacific. Of course we’ll make sure you will find all the latest information coming out of these articles here at GuildMag!

Johnathon Ross – Destructoid “Invites are out for the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend. Expect an impressions post on Destructoid from me later this month!”

Devin Connors – Tomsguide “GUILD WARS 2 BETA! Operation High-Five Everyone In Sight is go!”

Charles Onyett- IGN “Guild Wars 2 beta invite acquired. Look for coverage at 6 AM pacific on February 20.”

Curse – “Guild Wars 2 CBT invite here we come! Expect lots of juicy details later this month. :]”

To be clear, since this is a Press Closed Beta the invites are only sent to bigger press sites, meaning that we haven’t yet received an invite ourselves. We’ll still try and keep you up to date!

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