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Official Guild Wars 2 News Sources


Public Beta Events Signup Page has Opened!

The moment is here! Go to and sign yourself up to get into the beta! This sign-up timeframe only lasts for about 48 hours until it’s being closed so make sure you get to it straight away! Keep in mind that the server will probably be overloaded and that you’ll have to check over time to see if it is back up! Also follow us on twitter (@GuildMag) to know when the page is available again!

Beta Development Update
Over at the ArenaNet blog, Eric Flannum introduces us to a blog that takes us through some of the development changes and updates that have been implemented since we last saw the game.

Mike Ferguson Takes Your WvW Questions Here and on Reddit

Over at the ArenaNet blog, Mike Ferguson announced that he’ll be doing another Reddit AmA on the ArenaNet reddit page about World versus World! Over at the blog, he also answers some questions on siege blueprints, bonuses, server transfers, waypoints, the map population cap and the day/night cycle which have popped up since the Press Beta about WvW!

Link Roundup – WvW and Beta

“It’s been an incredibly exciting week in the ArenaNet offices, and we were thrilled to see all of you enjoying the festivities along with us.  We had a great response to last weekend’s beta event and this week’s beta signups, so it’s time to take a look at what everyone had to say!”


From the @GuildWars2 twitter feed:

We have a surprise for you tomorrow, keep an eye on our social networks and website! Tell your friends to follow us as well! ~MK

Martin Kerstein went to Guru to comment on the repair mechanic as it works in Guild Wars 2.

Every time you get defeated (so after you have been downed and failed to rally) one piece of your armor gets damaged. Once all your armor pieces are damaged, they will break – and you will have to repair or replace it.
It is very different from a durability system other games use, as you cannot avoid being hit by opponents – but you can avoid getting defeated by skilled play.
So if you never get defeated, you will never have to repair a single piece of armor.

He also explained the new overflow server system which is included in Guild Wars 2 over at Guru:

Let me explain what an overflow server is and what it does. It is a technology we also use as our version of a queuing system. When a map or a world you want to log into is at capacity limit, the game will ask you if you want to play on an overflow server  – so you can actually play while you are in a queue. Once space opens on your world, the game will ask you if you want to join your friends on your world. And you keep all the progress you made while you were playing on the overflow server.

Colin Johanson explains the Meta Events over at GW2Guru

In the beta weekend, there were generally 2 or more large meta dynamic event chains in each of the maps available. These meta event chains are made up of usually in the ballpark of 5-20+ events chaining and branching in various different directions. They stand out because even if no events are currently running, you’ll see unique UI for them that tells you the state of the world as a result of the events that occurred in the area.

— Click the link above to read the rest.


Press CBT screenshots. Check out these jaw-dropping screenshots!

World vs. World: Have Fun Storming the Castle! (posted just before the press embargo dropped)












Other Skill Videos
  • – A Closer Look at Profession Skills in Video
  • Check KaeyiDream’s channel for some commentating on the Guild Wars 2 Guru’s skill videos.



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Done reading all of the stuff above? Be sure to check out This Week in Guild Wars 2 which included all of the new information that came out since [27-02]!

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