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Preview: September 2014 Feature Pack

During gamescom 2014, ArenaNet took the opportunity to show off some of the features that will hit Guild Wars 2 in the upcoming month. While the feature pack will cover a broad range of systems in the game, this presentation, given by Matt Wuerffel and Elisabeth Cardy, focusses mostly on changes and additions to World versus World.

Commander System

With the September 2014 Feature Pack, the commander tag will become an account-wide system. There will be four colors (blue, yellow, red and pink) to purchase at a price of 300 gold (up from 100 gold before). These colors will not have a pre-designed hierarchy. If you’ve already unlocked the blue tag the patch will update this tag to become available for the whole account. If you purchased four tags or more before the upcoming feature pack releases, you’ll be able to get a refund by contacting support.

EDIT: As of August 20th, a single commander compendium, purchased at the price of 300 gold, now unlocks all four colors at once rather than on each color per 300 gold.

Siege Golem Mastery

The Siege Golem’s functionality will be increased with the upcoming release of the Siege Golem Mastery (75 point). I was joined by a wiki administrator for the presentation who managed to get a clearer description of all the abilities:

  • 5 points: “Increases your piloted golem’s movement speed for 15 seconds after destroying a gate or a wall”
  • 15 points: “Increases your piloted golem’s base power and precision by 15%”
  • 30 points: “The shield bubble now also heals nearby allies”
  • 50 points: “Increases your piloted golem’s base vitality and toughness by 15%”
  • 75 points: “Your piloted golem will safely eject you once it’s defeated”

Siege Disabler Trick

Another addition to WvW is the introduction of the Siege Disabler trick. This trick allows you to disable any and all siege weapons within a range of 1200 and costs 10 supply to activate. General enemy siege will be disabled for 45 seconds and enemy golems will be disabled for 20 seconds.

World Tournament

As has been announced previously via the official Guild Wars 2 website, ArenaNet will be holding three international tournaments with a price pool of $50.000 per tournament. Each region (Europe, North America and China) will host one of each tournaments.

Exclusive PvP Glorious Armor sets

To make PvP more rewarding, ArenaNet will be introducing two new armor sets exclusively for PvP. The first set mentioned is the Glorious Armor which will be exclusive to winners of the PvP tournaments. The second set is the Glorious Hero’s Armor which can be earned via a PvP reward track. This last armor set is similar to the tournament version but has been toned down in bells and whistles.

New Combat Log

Rather than being something you could only switch on or off, you’ll now be able to more specifically set up what you would like to see reported in the combat log. As of the September 2014 Feature Pack you’ll be able to choose from 10 options, including:
  • Incoming Buff Damage
  • Incoming Healing
  • Incoming Damage
  • Incoming Interrupts
  • Incoming Mitigated Damage
  • Outgoing Buff Damage
  • Outgoing Healing
  • Outgoing Damage
  • Outgoing Interrupts
  • Outgoing Mitigated Damage

It will also be more clear what the numbers mean by the introduction of type-related colors. In this vein, healing will show up as green text and damage will be displayed as orange. Finally, player skills will be shown as hoverable chat links as to provide more detailed information.

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