Prominent Ghosts in Tyria

Written by Fearan and Belph

There are many places in Tyria where you can find them – ghosts. They can be aggressive, angry or lost, but often you can talk to them, and sometimes even help them with their tasks that bind them to Tyria. Some of these ghosts are extra special, and their stories worth remembering, as we’ll uncover in this article.

Gwen Thackeray

In the Hall of Chains, the raid that takes place in the Underworld, several ghosts can be found. Most are simply stranded beings, the souls of the recently departed who haven’t yet been trapped in the River of Souls. However, others are worth more than a second look.

The Ancient Spirit in Winter´s Vigil is actually Gwen Thackeray (yes, the ancestor of Logan Thackeray). When the Searing struck, Gwen was ten years old, and instead of being killed, the charr enslaved her. Years later, she escaped and joined the Ebon Vanguard, slowly rising in rank until she led them. She founded the city of Ebonhawke, once a small mining town, and when the Foefire took place, she, and all of her people, were out of reach and the only ones in Ascalon to survive.

Players who experienced pre-Searing Ascalon may still remember the broken flute that you had to give to the little girl outside of the city. This little girl was Gwen Thackeray, and the sound of the flute when she disappears in the raid resembles her lost instrument.

Gwen makes a surprising cameo appearance as the Ghostly Messenger in Episode 5 of the Living World Season 4, All or Nothing. In it, she relays a message from Glint to the Pact Commander that Kralkatorrik has invaded the Domain of the Lost in order to consume the resident souls. With this, the Dragon hoped to regain its power after being grievously injured during his defeat of the ghost army.


Another spirit in the Hall of Chains raid, Desmina had split her spirit from her body to protect herself against Dhuum and his growing army. When she was alive, she harboured a great thirst for power, which caused her people to fear and scorn her, leading to her exile. Grieving and angry, she cursed the gods, but at the same time wished for revenge that only a god could grant her. Grenth heard her plea, and offered her what she wanted in exchange for her loyalty. She became Grenth’s first follower, still loyal to him to this day, as she states after Dhuum is defeated.

Kimmes the Historian

Kimmes the Historian traveled from Ascalon to the Eye of the North, where he studied the Hall of Monuments and all the dormant magic it kept. Even though he returned with the Ebon Vanguard to Ebonhawke, where he wrote the series of books called The Founding that we can find scattered there, he knew the Hall of Monuments was where he belonged. Nowadays, his ghost can still be found there, standing on a leaf in the Scrying Pool, eager to hand the worthy hero the legacy of the slayer of the Great Destroyer.

Players who have successfully linked their Guild Wars account with their Guild Wars 2 account will receive the Hall of Monuments Portal Stone. With this stone, you gain access to the Hall of Monuments, where you can obtain the rewards for the progression you made in Guild Wars.

King Reza

Once the last king of Orr, a follower of the human gods and a man of peace, Reza encouraged spiritualism, magic and the arts. When he sent his armies to end the Guild Wars, he left Orr poorly defended and vulnerable to the charr. Vizier Khilbron, his trusted advisor, stole one of the forbidden scrolls and caused the Cataclysm, destroying the charr but also sinking Orr in the depths.

When Orr rose again, the Elder Dragon Zhaitan used Reza’s body, and those of his family, to create the Eyes of Zhaitan, with Reza as the most powerful and in charge of defending the Artesian Waters. When Trahearne and the Commander cleansed the Waters and defeated Zhaitan, they freed Reza. Together with his family members, who also had been liberated, the King of Orr continued fighting the corruption. They can now be found in Siren’s Landing, where they hope to activate the reliquaries of the gods and so reclaim Orr from the undead.


This is probably one of the most encountered ghosts: Drooburt’s Ghost. When he was still alive, Drooburt could be found begging for coins outside Martinus’s bar in the town of Prosperity. When Mordremoth attacked the town in Dry Top, in 1327 AE, Drooburt was killed, and his body can be found there, tangled in vines.

A year after his death, he appeared at the Shadow of the Mad King event, and every Halloween event ever since, he reappears, begging for Pieces of Candy Corn. Since the end of 1330 AE, he also appears at the other major events, begging for snowflakes at Wintersday, Steamed Red Dumplings at Lunar New Year and Continue Coins at the Super Adventure Festival.

In 1331 AE, when the Zephyrites returned for the Festival of the Four Winds (for the first time since the dreadful events in Dry Top), Drooburt returned. This time he appeared as a merchant, and instead of begging he offered bags or various junk items for sale.


In the Old Oola Lab, you can sometimes still find the ghost of the brilliant asura golemancer Oola. Here, hidden away in her extremely well-protected workplace, she once researched golemancy and necromancy.

In 1078 AE, during Guild Wars: Eye of the North, Oola found the ruins of the Iron Forgeman in Sorrow’s Furnace and tried to copy it in her lab deep underground. When the Destroyers emerged, she helped build the Mobile Spellworking Platform used in the battle against the Great Destroyer. After this she went to her workshop in Metrica Province, where she continued working on combining golemancy and necromancy, her greatest achievement being binding her own essence to the core of her golem, OOL-99L.

In Metrica Province, you may stumble upon her hologram, a hero challenge where Oola tests your knowledge, but this is not her ghost. To find Oola’s ghost, you must gain access to her lab that is locked behind the door next to Oola’s hologram in Akk Wilds. However, gaining access will be a bit of a challenge. Not only do you need to bring an Energy Crystal to trigger the events, you will also need to fight your way through the lab’s defenses. Any intruders will meet Oola’s ghost and her golem OOL-99L deep inside.

Primeval Kings

In the northeast corner of the Desert Highlands, you can find the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, the last resting place of the monarchs of the Primeval Dynasty, who ruled over Elona hundreds of years ago. The ghosts of the Primeval Soldiers and Servants can be seen there, guarding the treasures of their ghostly kings and queens, or aiding them, like they did in life. On some occasions you can also encounter the ghosts of Queen Nadijeh, the founder of the Sunspears, the twin Queens Nahliah and Dahliah, who ruled when the Scarab Plague struck Fahranur and Istan, or King Wasi.

While most of the Primeval Kings (and queens) were buried in the tomb, some of the former rulers were not deemed worthy of the honor. One of these was King Jahnus. During his reign, he was a cruel king, detested by his servants. Upon his death, he forced his servants to be buried with him. In the afterlife, he was exiled from the Tomb of the Primeval Kings by the others who didn’t find him worthy to be buried alongside them. He can still be found in the Desolation, where he roams the lands for eternity.


One day, in 1090 AE, when the charr invaded Ascalon, King Adelbern raised his sword Magdaer, plunged it downward and released the power of the Foefire. But while both the charr and humans were decimated by the destructive flames, its mystic light left the spirits of the humans behind. Ever since, the Foefire ghosts have been eternally bound to Ascalon, re-living that day over and over again, fighting every intruder as if they were a charr. Every ghost except one, that is: Bria.

There is an area in the Iron Marches, the Hellion Forest, where numerous supernatural occurrences appear; displaced spirits, ghostly spiders and shadow fiends. The reason? In a small house in this forest lives Bria, a powerful Ascalonian ghost and necromancer who wants to steal the souls of the innocent charr cubs playing around her home.

She is the only victim of the Foefire who still has her free will, her powers and who can even take on the form of a living human woman. It’s not until the end of the event chain that she reveals her true self, an Ascalonian ghost.

There are so many more ghosts, spirits or memories whose stories could have been told here: Malchor, Turai Ossa, Nenah, Dunkoro, Grumby, Less Longbow, and so on. If you walk through the lands of Tyria, it would be a good idea to just keep your eyes open and see if you can find those stories, hidden away, but adding so much more to the world we love.

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