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Queen’s Jubilee Update Detailed

It’s time for a celebration! No, not the Guild Wars 2 1-year anniversary (although that’s also happening next month), but the Queen’s Jubilee! The Wallet has been invented in Tyria, and boy – it’s a real convenience! You can literally store each and every currency in game in it, freeing up space for your characters and bank account. Other features include: PvP Solo Queue, reworked rewards for Dungeons and Champions, a mini-game rotation system, improved effects level of detail system, WvW supply mastery and permanent finishers!

The Living World story behind Queen’s Jubilee includes the following exciting events:

  • Developer Livestream – August 5

    Enjoy an early look at the Queen’s Jubilee release with ArenaNet devs during the preview livestrelam on our Twitch channel on Monday, August 5 at 12PM PDT.

  • Hot Air Balloons – Begins August 6

    Need a lift to Divinity’s Reach? The Queen’s court has sent out hot air balloons to transport celebrants! Find one of these balloons out in the open world, and use it to find the party in short order.

  • The Opening Ceremony – Begins August 6

    In honor of her Jubilee, Queen Jennah is opening a new gladiatorial arena! Attend the dedication of the Crown Pavilion arena and watch its inaugural contest!

  • Ignite the Beacons – Begins August 6

    Special Beacons of Kryta, symbols of humanity’s hope, have been set up in Divinity’s Reach. Take a torch from a torchbearer, then race around a course to light all of the Beacons of Kryta!

  • Enter the Crown Pavilion – Begins August 6

    Test yourself in an entirely new mini-zone featuring mighty representations of humanity’s enemies. By representing various cities of Tyria, you can be named champion of a nation and gain access to unique reward vendors.

  • Fight in the Queen’s Gauntlet – Begins August 6

    In the special Queen’s Gauntlet, you will face increasingly difficult challenges of single-combat against unique bosses. Cheer on your friends or show off your skills to the world. Take a risk with special gambit conditions to earn even more prestigious rewards!

Which part of Queen’s Jubilee are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below!

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