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Recapping Scarlet’s War on Tyria

ArenaNet has released a video which briefly recaps the story of Scarlet’s War on Tyria over at the official Guild Wars 2 YouTube channel. The video combines various in-game cinematics into a recap of the first season of the Living Story, preparing you for the upcoming release of season two. At the right side of the official post on the Guild Wars 2 site, a teaser schedule is placed indicating that we’ll have five more blogposts covering the Living Story, presumably all about season one, but there might always be new information included regarding season two.

If you’re just tuning in to the story, or want to remember what has happened in the past few months, also be sure to check out our comprehensive magazine special which focuses wholly on Scarlet’s War. It includes an extensive summary of the story, a look at Scarlet’s Alliances, and a recap article on what Scarlet saw and what that moment has led to for her.

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