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Release Details: Blood and Madness

It’s almost the time of the year, when things get chilly and most of all creepy. The Mad King has cleared his agenda once again to bring a visit to all his nice little servants of Tyria. But wait! There’s a difference this year, his long-lost-son, Bloody Prince Edrick joins in on the fun this year, for an extra bonus of creepiness. Do you have what it takes to stand up to not one, but two madlings?

  • Mad Realm Doors: Haunted doors will appear across Tyria for players to partake in some trick-or-treat. This year, the Mad King Doors will be joined by Bloody Prince doors. Just beware, not every door is a treat!
  • Mad King’s Labyrinth: Bloody Prince Edrick has taken over parts of the Labyrinth and controlling the undead armies within the Mad King’s Realm. The Skeletal Lich, Grand high Viscount of Candy Corn and the Labyrintine Horror lie in wait.
  • Lunatic Inquisition: This returning PvP activity will have players filling the role of villagers or lunatic coutiers. The villagers are trying to survive the night while the coutiers are doing everything in their power to prevent their survival.
  • Mad King’s Clock Tower: This returning favorite is back and “returns better than ever!” Can you ascend the Clock Tower in time?

When you complete the meta achievement that’s included with this update, you’ll be rewarded a Mini Candy Corn Elemental! So if you didn’t manage to get one during the Art Contests of the Original Guild Wars, this should prove to be a much easier way to get one! By completing the storyline, you’ll also be rewarded with a Candy Corn node for your home instance. As a result, Candy Corn will now be more wide spread available, and it will allow you to turn them in at a merchant for a Mini Bloody Prince, a 20-slot Halloween Pail and special crafting items which you can use for Halloween themed weapons!

Guild Wars 2’s Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a good game of Mad King Says and by participating in this event you’ll be awarded with a Mask of the Night.

Alongside Halloween, ArenaNet is adding a whole slew of other updates to Guild Wars 2:

  • Quality of Life Combat Fixes: Better targeting, new ground targeting options and a new, optional way to display condition damage numbers.
  • Trait and Skill Tooltips Update: Traits will now show numbers related to their effect and skills will show how they are affected by equipped traits.
  • Class Balance Updates: A balance pass for existing skill and traits. This pass focuses on improving support builds for all parts of the game and all professions.


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