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Release Details: Fractured – Coming 26th November!

It’s once again time for a look at what the next Living World release will be, and this time around it’s an update to Fractals. We’ll be seeing an overhaul to fractal rotations (including the addition of the much-awaited Thaumanova Reactor fractal), better rewards, leaderboards and more. We’ve included the information from the release page below:


    Ellen Kiel, who recently earned a seat on the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch after a cutthroat campaign, has made good on her promises to her supporters! By sponsoring research in the Fractals of the Mists, Kiel has opened up a momentous event from Tyria’s recent history, the Thaumanova Reactor meltdown, for exploration!


    Head through the Fractals asura gate near Fort Marriner in Lion’s Arch (right next to the
    Consortium Gift Shop) to meet up with Kiel for a special story instance of the new Thaumanova Reactor Fractal. Experience the explosion of the reactor first-hand and discover its mysteries!


    The Tower of Nightmares is heading towards its collapse, but the fight isn’t over yet! Join in the fight against the vile Toxic Alliance and destroy the foul structure. Bring it to ruin before its evil spreads any further! Learn more.


    Take an inside look at the Fractured release with ArenaNet devs during a livestream on our Twitch channel on Wednesday, 27th November, at 9PM CET (12PM PST).

In addition to the above, there are new rewards and updates to Agony (detailed here), as well as the addition of a new leaderboard to show off players with the highest difficulty levels. Obsidian Sanctum in WvW is also receiving an update as part of this release, allowing players to now enter via the WvW menu. A new space designed specifically for combat has also been added, where the Bloodlust buff will not apply.

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