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Release Info: Tequatl Rising

Tequatl the Sunless is back… and he has evolved! During the Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Bash ArenaNet already hinted on his return in the upcoming update, but now the release page for that update has gone live. This update includes the often requested Looking for Group tool, as well as updates to all the bosses found throughout Tyria. In the Mists, the Borderlands will get a taste of the new Bloodlust system as well as the new Flame Ram Mastery ability line. Check out the full notes below or at the official Guild Wars 2 release page for ‘Tequatl Rising’.


  • The Dragon Tequatl – Redefined!

    Something’s gotten into Tequatl the Sunless. This ancient dragon, scourge of the Splintered Coast, has become more formidable than ever, with an arsenal of new attacks and lethal tricks at its disposal. To stop this rampaging beast, you’ll join forces with old friends and new allies in a desperate battle where failure is a very real option. Tequatl has risen – and it will take an army of players to bring it down!

  • Developer Livestream – September 20

    Dive deeper into the Tequatl Rising release with ArenaNet devs during the preview livestream on our Twitch channel on Friday, September 20 at 12PM PDT.


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