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A rewarding look into the future

When back at the convention-season some of us asked for Hall of Monuments information, they got a reply stating that it would be ‘really soon’ revealed. In our own interview they told us that you should get a reward for cool things that you did in Guild Wars. Today, they revealed to us what these cool things are, and really, cool is probably just an understatement. Follow along after the break to see just how cool some of these items are and how you can see your own achievements!

Your Black or Dead Chick

And that's why you have to feed your chicks before you take a 250 year break

A few years ago, when the Hall of Monuments got introduced to Guild Wars as a bridge to Guild Wars 2, we did not know what to expect. You could register your achievements, your unlocked heroes, weapons, miniatures and armor for your own character. Some time later, the Hall of Monuments went from character-only to an added account-wide option, which would make it easier for you to fill in some of the titles and did not force you to stick with one character. Though all of this is old news for many, it does give you a small idea of how the transition works.
In Guild Wars 2, your get rewarded for the accumulated result of all of your achievements and unlocks in Guild Wars. The rewards include weapons, armors, minipets, (normal) pets and titles such as a rememorable armor piece from Guild Wars as seen below or a Fiery Dragon Sword. The minipets are also awesome, you can get an Orrian Baby Chicken or a cute Orange Tabby Cat. For the normal pets they’ve also saved the top-notch collection, ranging from the wanted Black Widow Spider from the original to a cool new Rainbow Jellyfish.
Basic Armor

With these, you'll be recognised as a legend for sure!

To clear some stuff up, I’ll quote the example given at the Guild Wars 2 site below:
Let’s say your main character is a ranger named Mira Verde, who has adventured with her trusty moa companion all across Tyria in the original Guild Wars and Guild Wars: Eye of the North. Mira Verde has earned points in the five different monument categories: Devotion, Fellowship, Honor, Resilience, and Valor. Now let’s say you also played an assassin in Guild Wars Factions named Mister Stabby, who has earned some additional statues in the Honor monument that Mira Verde hasn’t earned.
When you enter either Mira Verde’s or Mister Stabby’s names into the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator, you’ll see a cumulative total of the reward points on your account, regardless of which character earned them. If Mira Verde has earned you 12 points, and Mister Stabby has earned you 3, then you have 15 points total, which will earn you all the rewards from 1 to 15 on the reward track in Guild Wars 2. The Reward Calculator also gives you a detailed breakdown for each monument, showing you how many points your characters have yet to earn, so you can take on certain challenges, and add to your cumulative reward points!
Want to check what your own account will get in Guild Wars 2? Just go over to the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator, fill in your ingame name and see for yourself!
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