Roller Beetle 101: A Guide to Roller Beetle Racing

We’ve partnered with popular racing guild Tyria Drift to bring you this guide on improving your roller beetle skills. If you still need to acquire the mount, check out this guide written by Dulfy.

The roller beetle (or tremor armadillo) is a difficult mount to master. There will be many crashes as you begin your journey and your incredible jumps may be slightly tainted by the fact you didn’t mean to fly off those cliffs. Fear not however; Menoitios from Tyria Drift [DRFT] has agreed to share his expertise in this guide to roller beetle racing in Guild Wars 2.

Tuning Your Beetle

I’ll start with a few tips on customizing how you control the roller beetle.

First, open the Game Menu (the cog icon in the top left corner of your screen or the ‘Esc’ key by default) and select ‘Options’.

Under ‘General Options’, scroll to the bottom and look for the ‘Mounts’ section. Having ‘Disable Conditional Mount Movement Ability Input’ checked unbinds the spacebar from your mount’s ability, such as the raptor’s leap or the roller beetle’s speed boost, and instead only jumps. This option is something I find very useful – and not just for beetle racing. After this option is checked, only the ‘Mount Ability 1’ key bind will use the aforementioned special ability (more on this in the next point). Note that this does not stop the spacebar from flapping the griffon’s wings, so don’t worry about having to re-learn how to fly.

Next, we want to go to the ‘Control Options’ tab, scroll down to the ‘Mounts’ section and look for the rows titled ‘Mount Ability 1’ and ‘Mount Ability 2’. The roller beetle’s ‘Mount Ability 2’ is its drift ability. If you did not check the box in the previous section, by default the ‘S’ key allows you to drift as well. I personally find it easier to have its own key assigned so that you are not trying to go forward and hit the backwards key at the same time. Both Mount Ability key binds can be set to whatever you can easily access.

While driving the roller beetle, holding your Right Mouse Button gives you better minute control over its steering than the left/right turn keys (default ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys) and the strafe keys (default ‘Q’ and ‘E’ keys). However, it can be quite tedious to hold it down the entire time you are racing around. An alternative would be to use the action camera. This feature points your camera whichever way the mouse turns, as if the RMB was held down the entire time. To enable this, go to the ‘Control Options’ tab, scroll down to the ‘Camera’ section, look for “Toggle Action Camera” and assign a key bind to enable/disable action camera on key press.

Once you’ve changed the settings to your preferences you’re ready to ride!

Do You Even Drift? Tips for Racing

Here we’ll go through some tips on riding the roller beetle, focusing on drifting and keeping control of the mount so you can enjoy a fast and fluid experience.

  • Tapping your drift key is better than holding it in most circumstances. Every time you drift you lose speed and the longer you hold it the more speed you lose, therefore you want to touch it as little as possible.
  • Turn into your drifts. If you are drifting around a right-hand turn, turn to the right. Doing so helps shift your momentum and cuts down on how much you need to use the drift key, letting you maintain a higher speed for longer.
  • There are some instances where holding the drift key is better. For longer, wider, turns you will always want to tap the drift key if you are turning into it; this will give you just enough control to make it through, without cutting down on your speed too much. For a hairpin turn (a tight corner), you will want to do a longer initial hold of the drift key as you turn into it and you may not need to tap it beyond that.
  • Know the lay of the land. When it comes to racing, the better you know the route/terrain/area you are racing through, the more readily you can predict how to apply the above tips.

Lastly, practice, practice, practice! Seriously, the only way to truly grasp how to drift is to practice as much as you can. Roller beetle racing truly is one of those things where you have to feel it.

Joining the Race

There are a couple of ways to get into racing that I can think of: the first being to start your own races and the second being to join an ongoing one.

To start your own, it really is as simple as just asking other people you see on the beetle if they want to race. I have yet to come across anyone with the mount who hasn’t enjoyed racing, and with how great the community on Guild Wars 2 is, spontaneous, fun things like these seem to be welcomed.

Joining a current race can be tricky if you don’t know where/when one takes place; however, on the NA megaserver, Tyria Drift [DRFT] usually start in Lion’s Arch and will advertise the race details in map chat for anyone to join. Likewise, most other groups that are racing seem to welcome anybody as well, so if you think they are racing, just ask.

Joining a dedicated racing guild will give you access to their regular schedules as well as spontaneous races. If you would like to join Tyria Drift, you can contact me at Menoitios.8375 in-game for an invite. For EU players, I recommend contacting Acnologia.6934 to join Beetle League Racing Team [RACE].

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful. Enjoy the race!

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