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Runes and Sigils Overhaul

Some big changes are planned for April’s Feature Pack in regards to runes and sigils. According to ArenaNet, their goal for the changes is “to make  sure that each rune set has a clear purpose”, whilst also “removing a lot of the hidden rules that the sigil system currently employs.”

Rune Changes

Starting with runes, much of their power is going to be shifted to the 4+ set bonuses to encourage players to only need one rune set for their build – no more having to mix and match to get the most efficient runes! In addition to this, the focus of many runes will be reworked in order to fulfill niches not currently being met. Any runes that have a chance for their effect happen when an action occurs (such as a 5% chance to cause fear on being hit), are receiving an update to be more reliable. All superior runes will now have a 50% chance for an effect to occur whereas it would previously have been lower, making for a more reliable build.


The split between PvE and PvP runes will be removed in this release. Every rune set has been balanced for power and usefulness in both PvE and PvP scenarios, making a split no longer necessary. Runes in PvP will also only have one single slot in which to equip a rune, which will give you all of the rune bonuses as if you’d equipped the same rune to your whole armour set. This, therefore, does mean the end of rune mixing and matching in PvP.

Making Sigils Shine

Sigil recharges are going to be separate from now on, allowing players to truly take advantage of each sigil’s offering. This means that an on-critical sigil will be able to activate if you critically hit immediately after using an on-swap sigil. However, this doesn’t mean that sigils of the same type will have separate recharges and an ability to stack; any two Sigils of Blood, for example, will not stack with each other – when you kill an enemy, both will recharge. What has changed for on-kill sigils like Blood though, is how you can stack them: monster kills are still worth 1 stack, but actual player kills (on any game mode) will be worth 5 stacks. When you un-equip the sigil, these stacks will be lost.

On-hit sigils are receiving a small but significant change too. Some (namely the Sigils of Ice, Purity, Frailty and Water) will be changed so that their effect happens on normal hits and not just critical hits. This is a great change for those who don’t run berserker builds as it opens up more sigil possibilities.

We’ve known for some time that two-handed weapons will receive two sigil slots in this release; a little more information has been added to this in the blog post, stating that the ‘top’ sigil on the UI will be what the weapon takes its name from.

For rune and sigil changes, that’s all for now. Let us know your thoughts on all the changes in the comments section below!


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