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Season 2: Gates of Maguuma Out Now! Patch Notes & More…

It’s finally here! The Gates of Maguuma patch has just been released, and with it Season 2 has officially begun. This release premieres the new Story Journal feature with which all future Living World content will be accessible through. With this release, players are tasked with aiding the Zephyrites as their airships have been quite literally blasted out of the sky, joining up with familiar faces to discover what exactly happened.

Additionally, a brand new zone has been opened up: Dry Top. Accessible also in the original Guild Wars game, Dry Top is connected to Brisban Wildlands via a portal surrounded by overgrown vines. The Zephyrite’s infamous crystals have been strewn across Dry Top’s arid wastes, with the Inquest eager to get their tiny hands on them. Wild sandstorms also rage, changing the nature of the events that spawn inside the zone.

A screenshot of Dry Top in Guild Wars 2 Dry Top in the original Guild Wars

As always, there’s also new rewards up for grabs. A new crafting material called Ambrite can be used to craft gear with bonuses to Toughness, Vitality and Healing Power, as well as cacti in Dry Top can be harvested for use in cooking recipes. The Adventurer’s Mantle – a new piece of equipment – can also be crafted by finding an Adventurer’s Spectacles and Adventurer’s Scarf. 

The full patch notes for the Gates of Maguuma can be found here. Don’t forget to login soon so you can unlock this release in your Journal!

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