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September Feature Pack: Dungeon, Crafting & Performance Improvements

Today, Isaiah Cartwright has revealed the latest changes coming in the September Feature Pack. Three major improvements to some core systems are on the way: dungeon instances, crafting UI and game performance. Read on to see what these changes are!

Dungeon Instances

Instances will no longer be ‘owned by the first party member to enter the dungeon. This means that players will no longer be kicked halfway through a dungeon run if the instance owner leaves the instance or party, which is definitely a welcome change!

Crafting UI

Crafting is being made simpler with this update to the UI: players will now be able to open recipes and their subcomponent recipes at the same time, rather than having to switch back and forth in the current system. This will make crafting complex recipes like ascended armour and weapons that little bit easier!


Better Game Performance

Server and client-side improvements in the upcoming release will mean that players should see an increase in FPS in heavy combat situations – namely WvW and large open world events.

That’s it for today’s announcements – check back tomorrow when ArenaNet releases more information about crafting!

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