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Seraph, Ministry Guard and Shining Blade

Today is the conclusion to a week long human talk, today’s also the day on which we get to know more about the three military orders of Kryta, namely: the Seraph, the Ministry Guard and the Shining Blade. We’ve seen the latter in the original Guild Wars already, and we’ve also seen the formation of the Seraph, however, they both have changed their tasks a bit. This is probably one of the more interesting lore articles released thus far, and it’s really worth the read, as it gives you a lot of insight in how the human nation currently stands.

Somewhere later today, or tomorrow, we’ll publish a Visions blogpost about this where Thalador lays out the facts that we can conclude out of this information with a bit more of background of what’s known so far from the original Guild Wars.

The relationship between the three martial arms of the human nation of Kryta is a delicate one. The Seraph are the army, the police force, and the protectors of the populace. The Ministry Guard serve the ministers, government officials, and nobility of Divinity’s Reach. The Shining Blade are the queen’s personal bodyguard and, as the well-informed may tell you, her spies.



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