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Shadow of the Mad King

During the month of october, many of us think about the Mad King Thorn, whom is known to bring fear and wicked humor to tyria, but for a long time now, he has remained silent. Join Guild Wars 2 players worldwide to celebrate the upcoming Halloween event and check out all of the new content that will be added to the game for maybe, he might one day return to Tyria again.

Halloween has a long history in Tyria, and in times past was always marked by the spirit of Mad King Thorn cavorting among the people unleashing his own brand of insanity. However, it’s been over 250 years since he was last seen, and for most people he is merely a figure of folklore. Despite this, rumors persist among the populace that something wicked this way comes.

Shadow of the Mad King is the first major game release for Guild Wars 2 and will go live on October 22. This new game update will include a number of new features for all of our players to enjoy, new content to explore and see, and a week-long Halloween event.


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