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Sign up for the Guild Wars 2 Beta – 18 hours left!

The moment is here! Go to and sign yourself up to get into the Guild Wars 2 beta! This sign-up timeframe only lasts for about 48 hours until it’s being closed so make sure you get to it straight away! Keep in mind that the server will probably be overloaded and that you’ll have to check over time to see if it is back up! Also follow us on twitter (@GuildMag) to know when the page is available again!

Be sure to read their beta FAQ over at the Guild Wars 2 site and read some of the tweets they send out after the zip


  • You have 48 hrs to sign up. Signing up immediately doesn’t increase your chances. Testers are chosen based on development needs. A wide range of systems is needed for testing.
  • If you have more than one HD or graphics card, Scannertron IS indeed sending us the info. It’s only displaying one field.
  • NOTE: There is no “backup” site for the beta sign-up. There is only Other sites offering beta are scamming.
  • If you don’t get your confirmation email immediately, please don’t panic. It’s just taking the system a bit of time to get those out.
  • Nothing can be recorded. No pics. You can’t even tell anyone that you are in (if you get in). No bragging rights.
  • Trouble selecting country from dropdown form? Try typing it 1st then select from dropdown. If you don’t see dropdown try another browser.
  • It is open to Europe, too.
  • If you don’t have a confirmation mail by the end of the weekend, you can request a resend.
  • We have not sent out acceptances; only confirmation that your submission request has been received.
  • BlueHornet is the mailing list service we used to mail out the newsletter.
  • Please double check and make sure you’re typing in your email address correctly when signing up for the #GuildWars2 beta!
  • If you tried to sign up again & it would not let you, then it means your app is in the system & you successfully signed up.
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