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Sky Pirates of Tyria Now Live, Including Massive Balance Changes

Sky Pirates of Tyria has been released! Notable features of the patch can be found on the official release page. In addition to a new dungeon – the Aetherblade Retreat -, new permanent jumping puzzle and a scavenger hunt, there has also been the biggest ever skill and trait balance since the game’s launch. On top of this, Gem Store items are now able to be gifted to friends; Custom Arenas are out of beta and available for everyone; and a new WvW Ability called Mortar Mastery has been added.

One of the most significant changes to skills is the introduction of a new condition called torment, currently available to necromancers, mesmers and thieves. Torment has the effect of dealing damage per second to the victim, with double damage done when they move. Of course, that’s not the only major skills change to come with this patch. To see how each profession has been affected, check out the Sky Pirates patch notes.


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