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Sneakpeak at the Soundtrack for Season 2

ArenaNet has just released a new video in which Maclaine Diemer gives us a first look (or is that a first listen?) at the music he composed for the second season of the living story. In it, he talks about the recording being a dream come true for him, since he has always wanted to do a music recording with a live orchestra, and praise Dwayna does this sound marvelous!

For those still doubting about how season 2 will play out, Maclaine yet again hinted at new locations, new creatures and, most obviously, new situations that will play out during season 2. While we can’t really make any estimates about what exactly it is that we will be facing during season 2, a big chunck of the sound track seems to have something mysterious, yet familiar to itself. Enjoy the video below and get ready for there is only one more day left before season 2 begins!

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