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Spirit Watch – GW2’s version of Capture the Flag

The official Guild Wars 2 website has published a post detailing the mechanics of the newest PvP map: Spirit Watch! In this post Tyler Bearce introduces us to the concept of Capture the Flag in Guild Wars 2. There are a few catches though.

First of all, you’re still fighting on a conquest styled game map, but the secondary mechanic is altered a bit. Rather than capturing objectives, you’ll be fighting over the Orb of Ascension. This Orb represents GW2’s idea of a flag, which has you take the flag up to three shrines dedicated to the Spirits of the Wild: Wolf, Raven and Bear. Each time the Orb is brought to any of the shrines you’ll get a bonus reward as detailed below:


While carrying the Orb, the player still has access to all of their skills, but has a 40% movement speed penalty and is unable to stealth or gain swiftness. If they teleport or become downed, they will drop the Orb.

Once the Orb of Ascension is brought to a shrine capture point, the Spirit of the Wild at the shrine ascends, immediately scoring bonus points for your team. If it’s a capture point that your team controls, your team scores 30 points; if not, your team scores 15 points instead. Also, if the Orb is brought to an enemy point, in addition to the bonus points scored, the capture point will instantly become neutralized! The Orb resets to the altar 10 seconds later.

Source: Official Guild Wars 2 website

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