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Stories in Guild Wars 2

In the latest ArenaNet blog post, Jeff Grubb explains the three different types of stories players can expect to encounter in Guild Wars 2. Though different in their narrative, all three types have one central theme: bringing people together to face a difficult challenge. Read more about each type of story by visiting the ArenaNet blog.

Tyria is a deep, dynamic setting, filled with stories. Some are small intimate tales, and some are grand in scale. Some stories are short, while others are lengthy. Some are as personal as the wounded father of a dear friend, or as large as fighting for the survival of the land itself.

One of our goals is to tell a variety of different stories that challenge the players on many levels. Let’s take a look at the three general classes of story that come together to support the main themes of the game.

Source: Telling Stories – From Global to Personal and Back Again

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