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Sylvari Intro Cinematic

Like the asura, charr, humans and norn went before, Ree Soesbee treats us to our last tidbit of news before the Beta Weekend Event starts in less than two hours: the sylvari intro cinematic! I, myself, have always found the idea of sylvari to be intriguing and while I definitely plan on checking it out, I did not really feel a need to roll a sylvari as one of my main characters. After seeing the first tidbit of their starting cinematic, and reading up on all the previous revealed lore and designs, I’m slowly starting to become a fan of them and cannot wait to play one during the upcoming beta and see if it’s a fit for me. Check out the video below and head over to the ArenaNet blog for a bit more of a backstory on the creation of the cinematic by Ree.

We’d never established the sylvari before, and players had no history with the race in the Guild Wars universe. But even as challenging as that was, we had a tremendous opportunity to establish part of the sylvari experience that is critical to understanding their race — the Dream of Dreams.

Source: ArenaNet Blog

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