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Living World Season 2: Tangled Paths is out! Patch notes & more!

The Living World is now on to episode 6, Tangled Paths.  The Pact’s war against Mordremoth’s army rages on while you are tasked with tracking the Master of Peace and the egg in his care.  The Silverwastes opens up and new dangers loom in the underground caverns; coordinate with other players and call in siege devourers to ensure victory! The update also includes additions to the Carapace and Luminescent armor sets, earned by taking part in the instanced and open world content.  You can also find nightmare pods in the underground labyrinth which can be combined with a bandit skeleton key to open the greater nightmare pod.

The update includes a few bug fixes and game polish, and adds new items to the Gem Store including the Jungle Explorer  outfit (700 gems), the Pact Fleet weapon set (available for a limited time for one Black Lion Ticket) and Regional Tournament finishers to show your support for your favorite region in the World Tournament Series (600 gems).


Full patch notes for the Tangled Paths update can be found here. Log in any time between now and the next update to add the chapter to your Living World journal.

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