Teachings of Owl

When Jormag rose and forced the norn south, three Spirits of the Wild remained behind: Ox, Wolverine, and Owl. The fates of Ox and Wolverine are unknown, but all norn know what happened to Owl. As the three spirits battled Jormag, Owl was beaten down. She was not a strong spirit like Bear or Wolf, and she was of no match to Jormag. As the Ice Dragon battered her down, she remained steadfast for if she retreated, Jormag could go after the norn who fled beneath.

To save the norn, Owl sacrificed herself by using the last of her strength and diving into Jormag’s maw, clawing and scratching the beast from inside to keep all its attention on her. In return, Jormag destroyed her completely. Spirits have been lost before, but among the Spirits of the Wild, only Owl was truly destroyed.

To the norn, Owl was a gentle spirit who embodied home and hearth and a mother to all. She had many teachings, and through them proved the fallacies of even the prominent four spirits. An expert hunter, but a mother to all. She taught one not only to hunt as all spirits do, but to care for their family as well.

Within Snowden Drifts one can find Owl’s Abattoir, within which lies the Owl Lodge. Though now run-down and crumbling, and occasionally overrun with Sons of Svanir, the Owl Lodge is still looked after by Owl Shamans, and sacred owls still live in the area. Within the wreckage of the building one can still find the teachings of Owl.

“And Owl said to Wolf, ‘Brother, all your hunting is for naught if your family dines alone.’ And Wolf returned to his cubs, for he knew that Owl was wise.

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