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Team Farewells

We’ve included a selection of farewell messages from various team members below. Thanks for the amazing journey!


I don’t want to say goodbye. There’s more stories I want to write, more lore to explore, more fashion to strut. GuildMag has built in me a passion to create for the community.

When I applied as a writer less than a year ago, I signed up to write some fiction. Well, right from the beginning, in the trial article where I could write anything but fiction, GuildMag has pushed me to new areas of writing and achievements I had never dreamed for myself.

I’m proud of my small forays into gaming journalism for the GuildMag website. Approaching members of the community for research or interviews was far from my comfort zone, but unexpectedly, it’s where I thrived.

Another highlight was, of course, working on the GuildMag Annual to create something truly beautiful and worthy of our readers while raising money for World Child Cancer. I’m so proud of what we had created together.

I’ll remember my time here as proof that it’s outside the comfort zone where all the cool stuff happens and that I can do more than I think I can. GuildMag has been a wonderful influence on me and I’m going to miss it terribly.



About 6 months ago, GuildMag opened the doors to a part of the community I hadn’t ever considered myself to be a part of. My 2 favourite things, Guild Wars and design! Combined in one place! I had to gather up all my courage to apply as a designer and even though it’s only been a few months, they’ve definitely had an impact.

Designing articles for GuildMag has been an amazing learning experience for professional design, working in an online team and I definitely won’t forget sitting at my PC in my pajamas for the midnight meetings.

I loved designing things that I could be proud of. They were things that made me proud of this community as well. The collabs for things like the Annual is what brings people together and create this amazing group of people with an ambition to be creative. I’ll forever be thankful for the experience.



It feels so weird to be thinking of GuldMag ending. Even though I’ve known this was coming for a while, I still haven’t truly accepted it yet. I’ve only been directly involved with GuildMag for about a year, but it’s been a group I’ve felt close to for years. From the friends I’ve made in the community who’ve contributed here to all the great articles I’ve read over the years; it just felt like GuildMag would always be there. This connection is also why I was so excited to join the team as an editor. Working with this team has been a privilege and a joy.

A void will undoubtedly be left in the community without GuildMag, but I look forward to what others might produce in the future through other avenues. Thank you, GuildMag and our readers, for everything!



When I first started making videos for YouTube, I never imagined I’d be making them for an organization as well-known as GuildMag. Since joining the Mag as a copyeditor, I’ve produced a video guide for a pair of achievements, remade (and remade again) a Halloween-themed music video, cleaned some awful noise from an interview, and even said goodbye to Colin Johanssen(sp?) in our own special GuildMag way, all while doing my best to make our talented team of writers and contributors sound their very best. While my own channel has, to date, been mostly a solo act, thanks to the fine folks at this magazine I’ve grown in my abilities to generate creative output, collaborate with team members, and work under a deadline.

All things must pass, and even the longest-lived community sites must succumb to the whims of time. I wish only that more of that time had been available to me to participate more with and create more content for this team. I hope the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege to work with here carry on to greater things and continue to pursue their passions.



From the moment I first ran pell-mell down a hill outside the monastery in Cantha, Guild Wars has occupied a special place in my heart. Being able to share my thoughts, stories, and video creations with so many in the community through GuildMag over the years has meant a great deal to me. While the magazine I’ve called home may be bowing out gracefully, you will still be able to find me in-game. (Probably failing miserably at jumping, being downed by a random hyena pack while debating which trinket I no longer need in my rucksack, or trying to solo a “group event”). I will miss this outlet and my fellow creators, but the game lives on!



An end to all things under the Sun.

When I responded to Dutch’s call for volunteers in a Guild Wars Guru thread, I’d have to say I was not expecting it to be the beginning of a project that would last close to a decade.

In that time, we’ve participated in the overthrow of the White Mantle, the love story of Gwen and Keiran Thackeray, the rise of the Ministry of Purity, the final defeat of the White Mantle (we think!), the deaths of two dragons, a god, and a lich, and raised a young dragon from the egg ourselves only to watch her die before our eyes. And that’s to say nothing of the trials and tribulations that have occured in what most call the real world, whether on the larger world stage, the Guild Wars community, or the personal lives of our staff.

It’s been a wild ride, with ups and downs aplenty. In that time, I’ve made contacts and gained experience I probably would never have had otherwise. Looking back makes for a bittersweet feeling – it’s sad that it’s time for it to end, but despite the odd hiccough, I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far.

While the team has had discussions about where to move on from here, I can’t predict at this stage what form the final result of those discussions might take or when they might see the light of day. In the meantime, we’ll see you in-game!



I had my eyes on the GuildMag writer application for a while before I applied, but I’m glad I finally did. I thought I’d just be writing a few pieces for the website and magazines. I didn’t know writing my trial article examining the professions from a raiding perspective would lead to me raiding several times a week with a bunch of talented, fun, and tenacious players. I didn’t know a single plot point in a Living World episode would have me deep diving for conspiracy theories about Ascension and the Saltspray dragons. The one thing I did know was that I’d still be doing ridiculous things for the sake of my screenshots, which always seem to boil down to racking up my characters’ death counts.

GuildMag gave me a platform for my ideas and creations, but it also gave me one thing I always oddly lacked in an MMO: a community. I used to be a solo roamer, a PuG in fractals, and someone who only had a couple boss kills to my name because I could only join the occasional raid training group. Now I have friends and statics, and as for my content? You’ll still see it on the internet and me in-game. Thank you GuildMag, and thank you Guild Wars 2 community for making this game great.


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